La Pedriza Festival. Mountain, cinema and adventure 2024


The present competition of landscape, mountain, and timelapse photography  is included within La Pedriza Festival. Mountain, Cinema and Adventure, which will take place in the councils of Manzanares El Real, El Boalo, Cerceda, Mataelpino and Soto del Real.

1.- The photography contest is organized by the Ayuntamiento de Manzanares El Real collaborating in it the municipalities of El Boalo, Cerceda, Mataelpino and Soto del Real.  The competent body to order and instruct the procedure will be the department ofthe area of Promotion Económica of Manzanares El Real through its technical services.  The City Council of Manzanares El Real must approve these Regulatory Bases to be effective.

2.- In accordance with the provisions of Law 38/2003, of November 17, General Subsidies, the management of the awards referred to in these Regulatory Bases will be carried out in accordance with the principles of publicity, transparency, concurrence, objectivity, equality and non-discrimination; effectiveness in the objectives set and efficiency in the allocation and use of public resources.


Open to all professional or amateur photographers from all over the world who want to attend, without any distinction, as long as they are aware of their tax obligations.  Photographs may betaken from anywhere in the world, except those in category C.



A- NATURAL AND MOUNTAIN LANDSCAPES; photographs that reflect natural landscapes in which the physical environment is the protagonist. Images of mountains, deserts, forests or any other natural environment are accepted.

B- MOUNTAIN ACTIVITY; photographs that show the mountain activity in which the human being is the protagonist. Images of escalada, mountaineering, hiking, ravines, mountain biking, esquí, base jumping, caving or activities associated with mountaineering are accepted.

C- SIERRA DE GUADARRAMA; photographs taken in the Sierra de Guadarrama, both landscape and mountain activity.  This category does not exclude the presentation in the other categories of photos taken in theerraries of Guadarrama.

D- TIMELAPSE; Landscape, mountain, astronomical and meteorological videos that showthe essence of nature and / or mountain activities.

Photographs (timelapse on the D) from anywhere in the world are accepted.



YELMO DE ORO AWARD for the best photo submitted to the contest.  1.000 € 

FIRST PRIZE of natural and mountain landscapes.  300 € 

SECOND PRIZE of natural and mountain landscapes.  100 € 

FIRST PRIZE Trangoworld for the best mountain activity photo.  300 € 

SECOND PRIZE Trangoworld for the best mountain activity photo 100 €

FIRST PRIZE of the Sierra de Guadarrama.  300 €.

SECOND PRIZE of the Sierra de Guadarrama.  100 €.

FIRST PRIZE timelapse category.  300 €.

10 HONORABLE MENTIONS in categories A, B, C, and D; diploma.

FONAMAD AWARD for the best photo presented by its partners in the Mountains and Nature Landscapes and Sierra de Guadarrama categories.

All prizes are subject to withholding tax in accordance with current legislation. No participant may obtain a first and second prize in the same category.



Moderate editing of the image is supported, being able to treat the white balance, tone, luminosity, shadows, contrast, saturation, sharpness, focus, noise, conversion to black and white, etc.   Digital manipulation of the image with the incorporation of new elements in it that were not in the original shot is not supported. The elimination of vignetting, the correction of optical and chromatic aberrations, as well as the cleaning of particles are allowed. They do notsupport multiple exposures or panoramic photos taken with multiple shots. It is allowed to straighten and reframe the images as long as it does not exceed the crop of a maximum of 30% of the original photo. 

The finalist authors must have the original RAW of the selected photos. The organization will verify officially that the finalist potos have not been manipulated nor that the limits allowed in their editing have been exceded.

Photos processed using artificial intelligence are not allowed.

In case of an obvious logo or trademark name in a photo , the jury may consider excluding it from among the finalists.



General rules

  • Registration is free. 
  • The contest is open to any participant, except for members of the contest organization, immediate family members and sponsors.
  • Children under 14 years of age may participate  with the authorization of their guardian.
  • The submission of photographs and timelapse that have received a first prize in other coursesat the date of the closing of registrations of this contest will not be admitted. Yes, those that have obtained other minor awards, honorable mentions and the like are admitted.
  • Participantsdeclare that they are authors of the works and thatthey can see all rights to them.  In timelapse the author must own all the rights  to use the soundtrack (music and sound). Finalists will be asked to license the use of the music used. 
  • To participate it will be necessary to enter the website www.lapedrizafestival.comand follow the instructions.


Standards categories photography;  A, B and C 

Up to 8 photos may be submitted in total, regardless of the s categorychosen. It is not allowed to submit the same photograph to two categories. 

The photographs will be presented in JPEG format.

The name of the file should be only the title of the work. 

Photos must include all metadata, except author data.

Photographs may not have frames, captions or watermarks.

Participants who submit images in category C  “Sierra de Guadarrama” certify and / or confirm that they have been taken within the boundariesor areas that delimit the Sierra de Guadarrama, committing to provide in their case any proof or statement that confirms this point, under warning of disqualification of all photographs submitted to the contest if falsehood or identification with a  geographical location other than that manifested.


Standards category “Timelapse”;  D

The works must have a minimum duration of 5 seconds and a maximum of 60 seconds.

The works must consist of 1 sequence plane, without cuts or changes of plane.

All types of camera movements (rotation, translation, panning, and zooming) are supported. Basic movements within the same plane generated in post-production are supported.

Credits, logos, graphics, effects, or any element that can identify the author are not allowed.

The works will be presented with a free aspect ratio, a minimum resolution of 1080 pixels on the lower side and progressive exploration (preferably 25p).

The Hyperlapse technique is supported.

A maximum of 3 works per author can be submitted.

For the registration of timelapse you must attach in the box “Image file” a representative photo / screenshot of the work (1920px on the largest side without name or watermarks) and then put in the box “Description” the descriptive text accompanied by the link where they have hosted the timelapse. The link must be public or private (password must be attached if necessary) and direct it to a platform / social network, etc. where they are hosted (Youtube, Vimeo, Instagram, etc.). 

The selected works mustbe sent later for download through any online file sending service (Wetransfer, Filemail, etc.) with the highest possible quality of the video file, with the current standard codecs (preferably in ProRes or MP4).

For the selection, the visual content will be valued fundamentally, being the soundtrack an elementor secondary. Theorganization reserves the right to use the pieces with a soundtrack different from the original for promotional purposes of the contest.

Works without audio are allowed.

Aerial filming is not allowed.



From December 15, 2023 to January 31, 2024 at 23:59h: Term of presentation of works.

From 7 February to 14 February: Request for RAW files, photos, texts and timelapses in high resolution. Participants should keep an eye on their emails. It is recalled that the request for files does not imply being a finalist. It´s recommended to put the email in the contact list to prevent the email from entering as spam or unwanted.

February 21, 2024: Deadline for recieving files.
The awards ceremony will take place during the La Pedriza Festival (between April 19 and 28, 2024.


For  photography categories;  A, B and C

  • Three photographers of recognized prestige
  • A  FONAMAD partner 

For the timelapse category;  

  • Three profesionalis in audiovisual media.

A worker of the municipality of Manzanares El Real will act as Secretary.



The publication of the decision of the jury of the contest will be announced during the celebration of the  La Pedriza Festival. Mountain, Cinema, Adventure 2024 being published in the bulletin boardof the electronic headquarters of the City of Manzanares El Real, on its website and in theNational Grants Bank.  The jury reserves the right not to award any of the prizes in the event that the works do not have the minimum quality required



All the winners and those who obtain honorable mentions will assign the non-exclusive rights of reproduction of their photos and timelapse to theyuntamientos of Manzanares El Real, El Boalo, Cerceda, Mataelpino and Soto del Real, with the exclusive purpose  of disseminating the Festival La Pedriza. Mountain-Cinema-Adventure through exhibitions, publications in magazines, written or digital press, as well as in printed media such as posters, municipal brochures, calendars, etc. No rights to the photos will be transferred to third parties or commercial actions will be taken with the awarded works.


12.- RULES

Any matter, unforeseen or doubt that is not solved in these rules will be resolved in an unappealable way by the jury of the contest. The jury has the power to change the category of the photos submitted to the contest in the event that it is the most convenient for the final result of the contest.  The mere fact of participating in this photo contest implies full acceptance of these rules.

For any questions related to participation in the contest, please contact the organization by email;



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